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Find Your Fire 

A powerful 10-step program enabling individuals and teams to build their true purpose and pursue work they love

For Individuals

Find Your Fire is your personal, self-paced guide to a more fulfilling professional life. Uncover your strengths, values, and ideal work environment and create a detailed action plan to lead you to your most successful chapter yet. Follow these 10 small steps to ignite your fire and love your job again.

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For Leaders

Find Your Fire - Team Edition was specifically designed for leaders to tap into the true drivers of performance - enabling each team member to discover their talents and purpose, along with a clear direction on how they want to grow and develop. The end result is a team that is passionately engaged, highly motivated, and committed to succeeding together. 

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My Perfect Day Playbook 

Download this guide for links to over a dozen tools and resources as well as seven practices to perform daily for a more fulfilling life.

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Back To Your Future

Make your return to work the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your life – one where you are fulfilled both personally and professionally.

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16 Books That Shaped My Life

Join the Choose Your Life Community and receive 16 Books That Shaped My Life by Jim Huling as our free gift to you!

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The Dream Series

Three powerful programs to discover your dream, bring it to life, and continue to live your most fulfilling chapter yet

Wake Up Your Dream

A step-by-step online course with Jim Huling. Achieving your dreams is closer than you might believe.

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Elevate Your Dream

Once the Wake Up Your Dream course has been completed, you will be eligible to attend the next level course, Elevate Your Dream. 

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Live Your Dream

Become a member and enjoy ongoing coaching sessions, additional resources, and the strength of community and accountability.

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Join the Choose Your Life Community and be the first to know about all of our newest info, products, and discounts!