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Are you ready to LOVE your job?

Let us show you how to uncover the work you were really meant for, and exactly how to go get it.

I want to find my fire!

"Human beings come to this world to do particular work. That work is their purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you use your life for anything else, it's as though a priceless Indian sword were used to slice rotten meat."  

- Rumi

Here's what you'll learn:

~ You'll discover your brilliant innate talents that you'd like to be appreciated for in your next job. 

~ You'll uncover the patterns in your past successes, so you can create the environment where you bring your A-Game effortlessly.

~ You'll learn what foundational values are most important to you in a company or a culture. 

~ You'll learn what derails most people and a specific plan for what to do if you experience any of these roadblocks.

~ You'll figure out what you really like to do (and what you never want to do again) - from the highest level to daily tasks.

~ We'll show you how to package all of your best qualities in a resume that gets the attention you want.

~ The skill (and art) of making your story shine when you're in front of your future employer.

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I want to find my fire!

Welcome, Friends!

You know you don't love your job, but what do you REALLY want to do next? 

Our process has been proven over hundreds of coaching clients to not only give you that answer, but a detailed plan on how to get there.

Don't spend another year wishing things were different. Follow our 10-step process and Find Your Fire.

What people are saying...

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Jodi S. 

This program allowed me to revisit a few of my "early life" dreams that had gotten buried over the years, including dreams of writing a book and pursuing an education and career in neuroscience / neuropsychology. This course was a great experience and Jim Huling guides you through steps to reawaken what's been forgotten. Take a look and sign up for yourself!

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Fernand P.

Jim's brilliant spark in leadership while modeling how he realized his life's dream with utmost simplicity ignited my creative spark. I am now in the process of awakening a dream that has been tucked in the corner of my heart all my life. And life is responding powerfully! Do yourself a favor - bring your dream to life and life will make it real! Invest in yourself!

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Agathe R.

I highly recommend this amazing course! Its process and simplicity will spark or reignite the light within, and most important, your dreams that are waiting to be awakened. It's time.

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Let's find your fire now!

Get to know Jim...

For those who know him best, Jim’s greatest calling has been as a Coach to individuals ranging from CEOs to recent graduates, where he draws from the lessons of his own life and career to provide meaningful strategies and guidance. As the creator of the highly acclaimed coaching program, Find Your Fire, Jim is expanding his impact to now reach far more individuals in a more personal way.

Jim is the author of the #1 Worldwide Best-Selling Book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, now in its 2nd Edition and translated into sixteen languages. Jim has also been the Global Managing Consultant for a leading international organization for more than 13 years. Prior to this time, Jim served more than a decade as CEO of an organization recognized four times as one of the “25 Best Companies to Work For in America.” As a sought-after keynote speaker, Jim has given more than 500 presentations in 13 countries.

Among all his awards and recognition, Jim is particularly proud to have been presented with the Turknett National Leadership Character Award, representing CEO’s who demonstrate the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

Jim is most proud of his wonderful marriage of more than 40 years to his sweetheart, Donna, being Dad to two phenomenal adults, Scott and Sarah, and “Papa” to his three grandkids.

Jim holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and is currently in his ninth year of CrossFit.

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Get to know Sarah...

Often called "the people's champ," Sarah has a true passion for understanding, coaching, and motivating both individuals and teams. She has spent over a decade as a trusted liaison between team members and senior leadership, where she has put her background in psychology to work to ensure each team member's unique talents and passions are showcased in their roles, authentic communication is encouraged, and a deep sense of trust is felt by all.

She is currently the Co-Founder and COO of Choose Your Life, a company focused on guiding both teams and individuals to living their most successful and fulfilling lives. She loves being deeply involved in both content creation and delivery, and is passionate about the impact that the programs at Choose Your Life can have. Her most recent endeavor has been the highly acclaimed program Find Your Fire - Team Edition, aimed at helping leaders uncover the strengths, values, and true purpose of each member on their team to result in dramatically increased engagement and performance.

Sarah has her B.S. in Psychology from Kennesaw State University and a Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. She is passionate about horror movies, football (Roll Tide), and tough workouts, and deeply enjoys all things outdoors. She is a homebody by nature, and loves cooking and hanging out with her husband Hank (the love of her life), and their two German Shepherds, Liesl and Huey Lewis.

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