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Find Your Fire Steps

These ten small steps will result in a team that is passionately engaged, highly motivated, and committed to succeeding together

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Get Radically Clear

Utilize our Road Trip Checklist™ to help you know which resources you'll need for the road ahead, as well as what to do if you don't have them.

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Fuel Your Drive

Embark on an imaginative journey to feel what it's like to find the perfect role in your ideal environment, and then share your new success with the people who matter most.

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Find Your Peak Moments

Discover the moments in your career when you were at your best, and use them as valuable clues to the future you want to create.

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Build Your Peak Moments Profile™

Distill your peak moments into a blueprint for the job you want, creating your own personal formula for evaluating future opportunities where peak moments happen all the time. 

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Create Your Code

In this step you'll use a powerful tool to identify and prioritize the values that are most impactful to you. You'll use your unique method, approach, and mindset to create your personal code.

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Inventory Your Assets

Identify your greatest assets and make a plan for those that need developing, understanding that your greatest success will never come from eliminating your weaknesses, but from developing and leveraging your strengths.

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Map Your Purpose

In this step you'll use our structured process, The Purpose Map™, which provides powerful, thought-provoking questions with the added clarity of a visual display, giving you a complete picture of all that your purpose includes.

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State Your Purpose

Create a powerful, succinct, and most importantly, memorable statement of your ultimate "why," and perfect your ability to communicate your purpose in simple and engaging words.

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Set Your Target

In this step, the clarity you now have will translate into a precise target of your work and work environment, with a definition of the culture where you will thrive, the role that maximizes your strengths, and the career path that gives you the opportunity for unlimited growth. 

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Make Your Choice

Complete our careful, step-by-step decision process of choosing what's best for you with each offer you've obtained, assessing the Culture Match, Strengths Match, and Responsibilities Match for each opportunity.

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