Registration Opening Soon - Join the Notification List Below!
Registration Opening Soon - Join the Notification List Below!

"If you settle for anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unfulfilled all your life. There is a divine purpose in each of us, and until we find it, we can never be truly satisfied."

– Jim Huling

Passion to Profession:
Don't look for a job. Find your purpose.

Seven powerful steps to create the next great chapter in your career

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Evaluate what's working (and what's not)

Complete the Satisfaction Scale™ and gain a clear vision of the areas where your talents will have the most success

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Look for your personal signs of success

Utilize the Peak Moments Profile™ to highlight the best moments in your career and discover the patterns that emerge between them

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Build your Success Map

Create a detailed inventory of your ideal professional environment
using the Career Success Map™ along with rankings for each item on your list

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Determine who you will serve

Complete the Purpose Matrix™ to discover the people, organizations, and outcomes that drive your work and give it a sense of importance

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Inventory your strengths & the skills you will need

Explore not only your innate talents, but areas where those talents can be raised to a level of skill and mastery, along with assessing your current and future levels

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Envision the impact you'll make

Utilize the Purpose Matrix™ to envision the impact you want to make and the legacy you hope to leave, so that you know with confidence your work has made a difference

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Discover your true purpose

The culmination of your work - to know what you want to do and why you want to do it, complete in one simple and memorable system that will guide you for years to come

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Coaching Designed Specifically for You

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Seven Coaching Sessions

Jim will lead you through seven 60-minute coaching sessions to guide and support you, and where participants can share their progress and address any roadblocks they're experiencing. These will be held live, but will also be recorded and available 24/7, on demand.

Additional Resources Included

As a participant of this course, you'll also receive five specially-designed tools,
created to maximize your experience. These resources include:

- Passion to Profession Workbook™

- Satisfaction Scale™

- Peak Moments Profile™

- Career Success Map™

- Purpose Matrix™

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